Healthy Relationships & Finances

We want Tennessee children to grow into productive, engaged citizens who understand how to resolve conflicts without violence and plan for their futures.  In addition to every student’s general scholastic pursuits, children should be able to understand how to become financially self sufficient and how to develop healthy relationships. Healthy friendships, mentorships, and romantic relationships nourish the well-being and success of an individual, whereas unhealthy and abusive relationships often prevent kids from reaching their full potential.  Abuse can take many shapes and forms, within the home or school, within the very places that children should be free to focus on simply growing and learning. Abuse robs children of their attention and wellbeing, undermining the education on which they should be able to concentrate. 

Financial dependence on an abuser is one of the main reasons that domestic violence survivors remain in unhealthy relationships. When women are financially self sufficient, they are better equipped to address abusive situations because they face one less barrier to leaving. Our ten-week curriculum, Healthy Relationships & Finances, seeks to break the cycles of violence and poverty by educating at-risk students about healthy conflict resolution, relationship red flags, and healthy goal setting both financially and personally.  

Our Curriculum

■  Introduction to Domestic Violence and the Importance of Financial Independence
■  Relationship Red Flags and Financial Abuse
■  Conflict Resolution and Financial Habits
■  Cultural Expectations ($) & Violence in the Media
■  It’s Not Your Fault: Resources & How to Help a Friend
■  Goal Setting in Relationships & Wants vs. Needs
■  Healthy Boundaries and Peer Pressure
■  Social Media re DV and Your Future
■  Laws re DV, Identity Theft and Financial Crimes
■  How to Ask for Help & Make a Safety Plan
■  Review and Party


Want to bring our Healthy Relationships and Finances course to your program or school?

Since 2014, we have educated 100s of Middle Tennessee students on healthy relationships and personal finances. We are always looking for new partners to bring our curriculum to more students. We offer a 6-week, 8-week, or day-long course. Please contact to get more information about bringing our course to your kids!